The Beginnings of the Three-Hamlet Parish Council

Two of the parishes – Hughley and Kenley – began life after the second world war, by meeting annually. These meetings were called the Hughley Annual Meetings and Kenley Annual Meetings, and were held independently of one another.

Church Preen had for many years prior been part of Cardington Parish Council, and shared Cardington Village Hall.

Thirty-five years ago, Hughley and Kenley wanted to meet more formally and form a Parish Council, but there were too few residents in the two hamlets. It was decided to invite Church Preen to help form a brand new Parish Council and so Church Preen, Hughley & Kenley Parish Council was born.

Our first Chairman was David Astley, who had represented Church Preen at the Cardington Parish Council meetings. As a Parish Council, we now meet five times a year.

One more interesting fact – the three churches in each parish are all named after St John the Baptist!

Church Preen Yew Tree
St John the Baptist Church, Hughley